SAND CHANNEL DRAINAGE: Improve INFILTRATION on native soil fields


Video and photos of the sand channel drainage process.  See our machine install sand slits on a field in Northern Illinois.  See photos of projects we've done to improve infiltration in native soil athletic fields. 

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Answers to your questions about sand channel drainage.  How will the turf heal?  Does this cause runoff?  Do I need to maintain the turf differently?  Will I need to use more water?

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Is my football, soccer, baseball, softball, or multiuse field a good candidate for sand channel drainage?  Would this interfere with my irrigation lines?  What benefits would I see? 

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Native soil athletic fields in Illinois have low infiltration rates. Even moderate amounts of rain can result in standing water, loss of grass cover and muddy/unsafe playing conditions.


A cost-effective way to drain your field is installing sand channels or sand slits. This method has been used in Europe for decades and is gaining momentum in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Indiana.


The field is playable almost immediately and most importantly, the field can handle future rain events. The grass typically grows over the slits and hides them from view


Sand Channel drainage is a cost-effective alternative to building sand-based fields or using artificial turf. Sand Channel systems integrate the drainage benefits of sand with the agronomic benefits of native soil. The end result is a natural turf surface of exceptional quality and durability.